Identity Design, Motion Design

Music: "Don't Slack" by Anderson .Paak, Justin Timberlake
XYZ is an entertainment network for kids that shows cartoons with diverse characters and inclusive messaging. While targeted towards a modern Gen-Z Audience, it really is for anyone who loves to laugh and have fun through watching cartoons.

This was a full brand package project that included strategy & positioning, messaging, brand & motion identity, and final applications. It was really fun to create a brand identity for a tv network because of how nostalgic cartoons are, but then reinterpreting it for a younger modern audience who has access to many different platforms and devices to interact with the brand on.

Branding in Motion

Having a motion identity system was really important for this project because media networks today exist across every digital device and platform. Motion was crucial in helping to define a recognizable experience and draw the attention of young viewers. And also enhance the fun personality of the brand.

Positioning & Logo

I aimed to create a logo mark that was simple and flexible in order to expand it into different pattern and color variations. The colors, logo, and typography also had to work with the diverse range of animation and visual styles found across cartoon shows and movies.


I focused on digital applications that would also be fun hosts for young viewers to interact with the branding, their favorite shows, and one another. For physical merchandise I focused on small objects and apparel that are more realistically bought and worn by kids.