No Such thing as Silence

3D, Motion, Experiential

How can music be both an audio and visual experience? And how do installations in physical space contribute to shared multi-sensory experiences?

Using concepts of light, materiality, scale, and space, I created a speculative installation in 3D space. With the experience centered around layers of audio-reactive visuals projected on to a curved screen.

This project was also rooted in semester long research about how the disability communities experience art and design through sensory translation and adaptation. As well as my passion for classical music and motion design.

Physical Space

I chose to use a large circular screen in order to have the projection visible on the inside and outside of the screen. When seen on the inside it created a more intimate experience with the video visible as larger scale forms and color shifts. When seen from the outside it created a more contextual scale of the whole video.

Materiality and light also went hand in hand in shaping the experience. I chose to use reflective materials for the walls and floor expand the immersion through reflected light. And I used reflective materials for the scale human figures to show how even the visitors become active parts of the installation.

Audio Visual Layers

The video projected on the screen uses layers of visuals that react to the intensity and emotion of the musical piece playing in the installation.

Changing color is used in the video and on the floor. Colored particles, made in Touch Designer, change in size, scale, and scattered movement following the music intensity. A sound wave translation of the music wraps around the screen. And footage of an orchestral performance are used in various abstract ways to express the human performance of the music.