News Crunch

Interaction Design
How do we experience news? And more specifically, how can news be restructured to promote different levels of hierarchy and interaction?

Inspired by how news headlines compress an article or event into one sentence, I am exploring how responsive web design uses breakpoints and interactive grids to further push how far information can be expanded and compressed.

While a digital or printed news article presents each hierarchy of writing all at once, News Crunch allows the user to use the draggable tabs to choose the level of informational hierarchy they want to read, and how much detail they would like to understand.
This model of presentation and interaction also interacts similarly with image as a form of capturing and compressing time into a single element, Digital news paper as a form of compressing a single day into notable events and topics, and news topics as a way of compressing multiple articles into their own searchable categories and interests.


I initially used Figma to design various still layouts of article and topic hierarchies using example content from the New York Times website. It was also useful to be able to view various layouts all together to see how they could build off of one another.