Variations: The Reuse of Models in Paintings by Gentileschi

Motion Design

Client: Cleveland Museum of Art
Team: Dome Collective
Role: Motion Designer
In this show for the Cleveland Museum of Art three case studies show how Orazio and Artemisia Gentileschi reused figures in dramatically different contexts. It is clear that both artists returned to and reworked certain themes and compositions throughout their careers. In this exhibition, an intimate group of paintings by father and daughter beautifully distill the artists’ capacity to modify and manipulate forms across subjects.

Variation Case Studies

I was tasked in designing and animating a video played in the gallery to help visitors compare and contrast the similarities in composition, figure, and form of the exhibited paintings. Through the application of several motion techniques such as cross-fading, masking, and layering, this video was a guide for museum visitors to help understand the story of this curated exhibit and the relationships between each painting.


After receiving storyboards of the approved image and text content and sequence, I began with motion tests to develop the overall pacing and masking technique used throughout the entire video.