Gamer Girl

Motion Design

Music: jaynothin
What does it mean to be a woman in the gaming community and industry? How does your in-game name, voice, or character automatically create stigmas even before the game starts? In such a progressive era why is it that toxic masculinity is so prevalent in gaming culture?

This is a video explainer that is inspired by the interactions and tropes of video games to put the viewer in the shoes of a woman in the gaming culture and industry and explore the statistics that surround these inequalities.


The narrative I wrote I separated into 4 sections/scenes that would cover the areas of research i had as well as giving space to my own personal thoughts and synthesis. Although the content highlights negative inequalities, I wanted to frame it in a more hopeful and progressive tone because games overall have brought joy and community to me and are improving exponentially.

AR Application

Since the project was about bringing the real world into the virtual world, I wanted to bring an element from my video into the real world through AR and Adobe Aero software.

With this portal representing how the virtual and real world reflect the same issues, I expanded the colors, shapes, and materials of my video piece into the real world.

Presentation Website

To present this entire world I had built for my final presentation I created a website that showcased my research process. I expanded the visual identity into the interaction of the website as well.


After establishing a visual identity i drew 4 groups of storyboards following the 4 separate scenes in the narrative.

Each scene I focused on incorporating type and statistics into the visual identity. Abstracting topics to be more understandable and immersive was important to me because the issues weren't just exclusive to video games and gaming imagery.

After recording narration I created an animatic to match the timing of each storyboard to the narration; creating a framework for me to start animating.

Visual & Thematic References

Research & Script


Animatic & Styleframe

Stylized Elements

One of the biggest challenges of this project was designing stylizing elements in both 2D and 3D that could create a cohesive visual world when composited together in scenes.

Test Renders