EA Story

Motion Design

Client: Electronic Arts
Team: Dome Collective
Role: Motion Designer
For EA’s 40th anniversary celebration we were invited to create an immersive projection space to celebrate the company games and history. This space is located at the EA Redwood Shores Headquarters. The space consists of 3 interactive touch-screen kiosks, immersive audio, and Interactive projections.

We worked with the team at EA to organize and curate brand, game, and company assets as well as collecting interviews from company founders and team members. All in order to design a cohesive and innovative space that would highlight and honor the history of the company as it moves forward towards the future.

Passive Animations

I was tasked in designing and animating final projections that would play passively within the space. Animations included ambient attract loops of a wiping timeline, pixel mapped shape wall, and a wall of images and quotes about the company. These were implemented as a dynamic way to invite users in to the space.

Key aspects we focused on were pacing, clarity of communication, and scale; all within the real context of a physical space.

Activated Animations

I was also tasked in prototyping projected animations that viewers could interact with through the touch-screen kiosks. These animations included focused game selections, genre selection, and year selection.


During the concept and prototyping phase I was tasked in designing and animating various animation tests and spatial mockups that could be used for the final space; as both passive and active animations.

These helped to influence our final animations and how we communicated the goal and message of the project. These were all mocked up on renders and flat views of the actual architecturally scale space.

Title Wall & Pedestals

During our prototyping stage I designed several mockups of designs for the title wall that could implement branding elements, lighting elements, and introducing the exhibit.

I also mocked up 3D pedestals that used branded shapes as forms for touch screen pedestals and seating.

Technical Setup for Renders

Passive Animations

It was important to test these animations with as much spatial context as possible. We tested for the clarity of various projected colors and text sizes, and how the animation highlighted elements of the space.

Activated Animations

These tests explored how selections could be visualized and how to draw the user's attention to certain data points on the wall. These ultimately served as a template for what is seen in the final space.